Coog 2.4 Release Note [EN]

(Ce document est disponible en Français)


Party management

  • Anonymize party automatically by batch
  • Add configuration at country address lines level to limit the number of characters
  • Add siren on legal entity tree view

Contract management

  • Identify parties to anonymize after contract termination
  • Allow to cancel an enrollment
  • Check dates overlaps on covered elements to avoid duplicates
  • Manage annual report for french Madelin law
  • Handle several identifiers and module renaming (contract_external_number to contract_identifiers)
  • Add user input validation rule on extra data
  • Add default order on legal entity hierarchy
  • Display extra premium and exclusions on underwriting lines

Contract Endorsement

  • Only display premiums which will be valid after endorsement application in premium endorsement preview
  • In a processus a new wizard allow to ask if we should or not start next endorsement


  • Store the claim bank account on contracts when appropriate
  • Add My history tab to claim entry point
  • Extract claim related informations in GDPR portability extract
  • Add a link between a service and the service that was its origin
  • Allow to deliver the same benefit several times on the same claim
  • Add default LTD rules
  • Display indemnification validation/control wizard in dedicated tab.
  • Add wizard and batch to check claim migrated data (indemnification computation)
  • Allow to override the indemnification base amount
  • Handle insurer change on group contract: total benefit transfer, no benefit transfer, transfer in complement of previous insurer
    • Add previous insurer revaluation in rule engine
    • Add only revaluation computation for the in complement contracts
  • Extend possible beneficiaries to allow parties higher in the covered element’s tree and the contract subscriber
  • Ease the reporting on claim slip
  • Add first ltd start date in rule engine
  • Pasrau Evolution (French Regulation)
    • Handle matricule with party code in pasrau file
    • Include party modifications in pasrau dsn
    • Handle pasrau rate business id and create a pasrau rate object linked to move lines
    • Handle pasrau slips
  • PrestIJ Evolutions
    • Reorder BPIJ view for prestIJ
    • Improve task display and allow to search according to legal entity name or insured name
  • Set up of the claim reporting template for claim stock to insurer
  • Add salaries relate on claim
  • Add field on delivered service to override the salary mode per delivered service
  • Change the display of underwriting lists: add a new tab for draft underwritings
  • Change the display of underwriting list from claim: add informations on document requests and underwriting results.


  • Automatically un-hold held contracts (for unpaid premium motive) when paying an invoice


  • Add new action on payment rejects: Present again at a specific date
  • When creating payment using the payment wizard, all pending lines that could modify the total payment amount are displayed to the user and he could choose to bypass some


  • Add possibility into the account reconciliation wizard to postpone reconciliation propositions
  • Allow import/export for invoice slip configuration


  • Add calculation description field on commissions. This field contains a description on how the commission has been calculated.
  • Add prepayment synchronization chain to the daily chain
  • New module Commission postponed (commission_postponed) allow to generate commissions at end of month based on a rate computed based on contract stock (20% commission on first 100 contracts and 15% for others contracts for example)

Report Engine

  • Desktop notification when asynchronous printing is finalized.


  • Add process start date to the process log tree view

Rule Engine

  • Add result detail capabilities to rule egnine
  • Add possibility to sort rules parameters

Transverse Features

  • New module Event log party (event_log_party): Visualize all event logs for a party
  • Add configuration to aggregate event notifications in a given period


  • Adding delimiter option in migration tool
  • New module Migrator Claim (migrator_claim): Tools to migrate claim from a staging database
  • New module Migrator Group Contract (migrator_contract_group): Tools to migrate group contract from a staging database



  • Add signature date to quotation
  • Improve lenders identification with bic, bank code, branch code
  • Allow to send quotations without bank account information
  • Add agent information on quotation


  • Add API to update billing information for a set of contracts
  • Handle several contract identifiers in quote/contract creation/modification API


  • Add API to treat declaration process on claim


Sales Route

  • Dynamic sales route based on Coog back end configuration
    • Start from customer need and score eligible products (French DDA Regulation)
    • Sales route and quotation available for line of business:
      • Loan insurance
      • Health insurance
      • Life insurance
      • Funeral insurance
    • Quotation (premium simulation)
    • Subscription (transform quotation into contract)
      • Generate and download documents
      • Handle electronic document signature


  • Broker dedicated dashboard with portfolio ativity management (agregated view)
    • Track quotation
    • Track subscription
    • Track commissions and contract debtors
  • Alert on impaid contracts

Portfolio view

  • Broker portfolio detailed view: list view with search and order features
    • Quotation
    • Subscription/Contracts
    • Party
    • Product