Coog 2.2 Release Note [EN]

(Ce document est disponible en Français)


Party management

  • Improve party display: configuration parties (bank, insurer) are no longer displayed in Persons and Companies entry point. Dedicated entry point have been added (bank, insurer, broker …)
  • Limit party data consultation by portfolio
  • New module Party SSN (party_ssn): SSN management moved to a dedicated module
  • Format and add area code when saving phone number
  • Merge party_cog and country_address_configuration and enhance address form view

Contract management

  • Initialize commercial product during contract subscription process if there is only one authorized
  • Add configuration to allow contracts deferments, even if contracts has already been renewed
  • Configure and manage manual input of contract numbers
  • Add a customizable icon on products
  • New module document_request_electronic_signature: It’s now possible to configure a document description as requiring an electronic signature. The electronic signature request is automatized and configurable in a business process. Once the signature is confirmed the document is considered received.
  • Group contract: allow to define parent company and subsidiary. Management of group contract for parent company and subsidiary


  • Automatic contract suspension during claim declaration according loss desc (e.g: Contract suspension when subscriber death is declared)
  • Sort claims by last modified first
  • Allow to start declaration/instruction process from a claim
  • Initialize beneficiaries in claim declaration with those defined on the option
  • Improve benefit configuration display on group contract
  • Add printing data to retrieve claim informations from an invoice
  • Re-trigger eligibility check when going back to draft state

Group Life Claim

  • New module Prest’IJ
    • Register legal entity to the prest ij service
    • Handle covered subscriptions to the french prest IJ service
    • Create and treat BPIJ file
  • New Module claim_pasrau
  • Withholding tax on std, ltd payment based on neutral rate or rate sent by Net Entreprise
  • Montlhy file generation to report Withholding tax
  • Personal rate integration from Net Entreprise
  • Pre-configuration for STD LTD group life
  • Add default net salary computation rules
    • Add default standard revaluation rule with the AGIRC / ARRCO tables structures
  • Add default indemnification rules
  • Add default benefit rules in coog
  • Add default eligibility rule
  • Handle revaluation on basic salary for group life insurance


  • Improve reconciliation treatment performance
  • Handle instalment plans for a set of contract invoices
  • Add a batch to rebill contracts from a csv file
  • Allow to configure contract sub-statuses to ignore dunning (e.g: Reduced contract in funeral product)
  • Allow to generate contract notification from dunning event


  • Allow to create payments right from the invoice
  • Allow to mix positive and negative move lines when creating payments
  • Add tags to payment journals


  • Add tags to account
  • Sort reconciliations by ID descending
  • New module Account Per Product (account_per_product): Every accounting move is linked to an insurance product
  • New modules Analytic Account (analytic_account, analytic_invoice inherited from tryton, analytic_coog, analytic_account_aggregate, analytic_commission): Generates analytics entries based on rules defined in the application, adds insurance dimension to configure analytic rules and export analytics entries aggregated by date, account, journal (interface with Sage)
  • Export method to check IBAN to be used by Coog-API
  • New module account_invoice_slip: Monthly generation each of slips from accounting move. (e.g: use for tax reporting to the state)


  • New tool to simulate all commissions directly from a product. If the commission amount is also based on extra data on the contract, the user can set them manually
  • Allow to generate merged insurer invoices for bill payment, commission and claim reimbursement
  • UI enhancements on commission plan, plan lines and agents views
  • Use contract applicable conditions date to search for commission agents
  • Remove the field agency and replace it with the distribution network
  • Add a stored field for the commissioned contract on commission
  • Explicit broker definition in distribution network
  • Add the claim insurer invoice at the commission insurer entry point
  • Allow to search commission plan from product coverages
  • Allow to deactivate a commission plan
  • Add an option on the commission plan so that prepayment is only due at first paid invoice
  • Add default templates for insurer / broker reportings


  • Add business data in rule engine:outstanding amount at the latest contract anniversary date

    Report Engine

  • Add pyson condition to report template. Useful to opt out templates that must be produced only under certain circumstances. Also work on action by events and attachments on e-mail.
  • Allow model-less impressions
  • Allow to define printing template on a party

Rule Engine

  • Add code linter to rule engine on Coog thin client


  • Improvement in Coog thick client: move to GTK3 version: new theme, new usability
  • New module customers_provider_login: Links an external account (Google Facebook …) to a Coog token. This is used for Oauth authentication.
  • Allow to override the daily chain
  • Add retry argument to batches to re-launch a job in error
  • Improve batches performances by using root as batch user
  • Improve event logs look and feel: filtering according authorization and adding icons according event types
  • Execution of heavy business treatment in asynchronous mode
  • Configuration of prefix/suffix sequence nased on dynamic datas
  • Add batch to initialize migration staging database from csv files



  • API to print quotations based on printing model
  • Manage a state on a quotation
  • Add the ability to enter addresses when creating a quote from a quotation
  • Add beneficiary management on quotations
  • Improve activation step in quote processing
  • Add a link between a quotation and contract generated
  • Add the possibility to choose the billing mode and be able to inform the bic if it is not calculated automatically
  • Manage sub-extradatas
  • Handle product additional data usage in premium calculation rule during quotation
  • Check option eligibility when calculating quotation premiums
  • Display taea in quotation calculation for loan products


  • Allow connection with token
  • Add prefix automatically to phone number
  • Add high level api for commissions consultation per agent, date for a broker
  • Add API to consult create modify beneficiary
  • Add API to consult create modify party relationship
  • Add API to consult create modify beneficiary clause
  • Add API to consult create modify event log
  • Add API to anonymize a party
  • Add API to obtain coog’s icons (manage cache)
  • Attachment maximum size become configurable
  • Allow to customize existing schema on a dedicated project
  • Add API method to check if a module is installed in backend



  • Print a quotation
  • Add a state on a quotation and allow to filter according this state
  • Add a link between a quotation and contract generated
  • Adapt extra data to new extra data API and handle sub extra data
  • Check option eligibility when calculating quotation premiums
  • Manage beneficiary selection when transforming a quotation
  • Add the ability to enter addresses when creating a quote from a quotation
  • Add the possibility to choose the billing mode and be able to inform the bic if it is not calculated automatically
  • Initialize extra datas entry with default value
  • Remove item desc display if there is only one choice
  • Display loans before covered parties in quotation
  • Order extra data by name
  • Manage companies as covered elements
  • Improve activation step in quote processing
  • Replace quotation save buttons with previous/next steps with toggling and collapsing of appropriate steps


  • Improve contract consultation view
  • Display premium sum on contract view
  • Improve coverages display on a contract
  • Add product on contracts view and icon on product view
  • Display party contracts from party
  • Filter contracts entry point according to user’s network distributors
  • Display commercial product on contract
  • Improve document uploaded on contract
  • Add attachment deletion

B2C portal

  • Add B2C home page structure
  • Add quotation on B2C
  • Add banner on b2c home page
  • Add contract frame on B2C home
  • Add invoice/payment frame on B2C home


  • Add display of event logs on party
  • Allow to create and display party relationship
  • Customize homepage
  • Allow to navigate with token
  • Improve note and attachment views
  • Add amount formatting support
  • Rename payers to debtors
  • Allow dynamic load of plugins and customers plugins
  • Add environment variable to launch webpack for API server