Coog 2.0 Release Note [EN]

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Party management

  • GDPR: Wizard to anonymize a customer. All datas related to the customer will be anonymize. Anonymisation is allowed under some specific condition: conservation delay after contract termination (according to the product), unpaid invoice…

  • GDPR: Automatic anonymisation by batch after a conservation delay after the contract termination
  • GDPR: Allow to export personal information in a JSON file
  • GDPR: Pre-configuration of access group to allow or not the personal data consultation

Contract management

  • New module Option Extra Details (contract_option_extra_details): Calculates extra data on a contract via a rule and to save it on the contract. This module is used for funeral product to display current surrender value and to store surrender value history.

  • Add wizard on a active contract to change the sub status
  • The contract dates (initial start date, condition date) can now be initialized by a business rule on the product. This allow to manage constraint on contract start date based on signature date for example (contract start date is the first day of month following the signature date)
  • Hide option end_date field if unset
  • Add rule engine functions to
    access coverage amount modification date / value at a given date*
    access received documents codes for a contract
    identify subscribed coverages
  • Use contact mechanisms and party identifiers in the report template ‘brouillard’ deliver by default
  • Add a batch for mass creating waiver periods
  • Allow a new behaviour for waiver of premiums: proportion. When selected, this behaviour allows making a proportion on the lower level frequency in order to have one contract invoice with the right amount to pay. For example, if the billing frequency is quarterly, and two on three months of a billing period are a waiver of premium, then the invoice will only charge one month.

Contract Endorsement

  • Allow to apply endorsement in asynchronous mode.
  • The creation of an endorsement can now be forbidden by a business rule
  • Add signature date on endorsements
  • Add shortcut to Start Endorsement in toolbar on contracts

  • Create one endorsement per contract in terminate, void, reactivate endorsement to handle unitary endorsement cancellation
  • Add endorsement related data to rule engine
    • Endorsement effective date
    • Endorsement definition
    • Endorsement in progress


  • New module Indemnification Ceiling (claim_indemnification_ceiling): Indemnifications amount can be reduced by a ceiling rule
  • New module Claim Insurer Invoice (claim_insurer): Generates claim insurer notices
  • New module Claim Insurer Reports (claim_reporting): Generates report for insurer on claim
  • UI enhancements on claim declaration process

  • Automatically split a period if it is blocked by an underwriting decision
  • Add the configuration field “Block Indemnifications Scheduling” on claim sub status which allows blocking indemnifications scheduling on open claims
  • Add a payback reason on claim indemnifications
  • Add configuration on tax computation to define if tax rates are based on indemnification validation date or indemnification period date
  • The eligibility decisions on claim can be ordered, and displayed following this order.
  • if no accepting eligibility reason or one accepting eligibility reason is defined, accepting a claim service does not require choosing a reason. Same goes when refusing a service if there is only one refusal reason defined
  • Eligibility decisions for delivered services are configurable in ‘claim/configuration/eligibility reason’ menu and no more through extra data
  • Allow automatic refusal of a service from eligibility rules
  • Add management start date and management end date to claims for group contract
  • Add a claim super manager right group which is authorized to manually modify indemnifications
  • Add “Claim Invoices” relate on claims, and “Claim Invoices” menu
  • Allow to define payment journals per product/benefits for indemnification payment
  • Add check to prevent scheduling a period if the previous one is missing
  • Add action on indemnification detail lines to delete the related indemnification
  • Enhance claim services display in indemnifications wizard
  • Add methods to the rule engine for indemnification calculation:
    • Number of indemnified days for a covered person,
    • Total of indemnified amount on a period for a covered person
  • Display indemnification invoice details
  • Improve the claim beneficiary creation view form
  • Add configuration to ignore beneficiary shares validation at claim closing
  • Add new claim process type for declaration and reopening to avoid duplicate configuration
  • Add claim number column in claim view list when starting the declaration process
  • Add the method set_sub_status in order to update the claim sub status in the process configuration
  • Handle creation of claim deduction period without end date and amount
  • Add wizard that allow propagating extra data from a benefit to all services and from a loss description to all losses. This is useful when modifying configuration on delivered benefit
  • Display a warning when scheduling an indemnification period if there is an overlap with another periods
  • Allow to cancel a unitary indemnification
  • Enable declaring a relapse as a separate claim
  • Claim salaries data input improvement during claim declaration


  • Add a billing management start date on a contract (used for migration for example).
  • Improve performances of dunning treatment batch
  • The payment creation wizard blocks the payment journal selection if a payment journal is already defined on the product


  • Add index in database on sepa mandate field of payments (improve performance of batch process)
  • Manage a SEPA debtor other than the company
  • Allow to set a SEPA creditor other than company on payment journal
  • SEPA mandate sequence can be configured per product
  • Sepa Mandate is now a calculated field on invoices and on invoice lines to pay in order to handle bank mobility on unpaid invoices.


  • Create waiting payment/statement clearing waiting moves only if outstanding journal and account are set on the related payment/statement journal


  • Force commission line split according the computation dates defined
  • Add covered person on commission list
  • Add more informations on commission plans and agents to help the user understand what agents are used for a product and the hierarchy of commissions if defined
  • Allow to use commission start and end date in rule engine when calculation date are defined in a commission plan
  • The field ‘Waiting Account’ has been removed on insurers: reuse of billing account on coverage
  • Add wizard and batch to identify prepayment desynchronization and to correct it (used for migration for example)

Funeral product

  • New module Compute commutation tables (offered_life_commutations): Tools to compute and use commutation table in whole life product
  • Add reduction date to reduction wizard preview step
  • Store reduction value to make sure it will never evolve
  • Add a wizard which allows cancelling a contract’s reduction
  • Forbid endorsement cancellation on reduced contracts
  • Add new surrenders entry point in contracts
  • Allow a double validation for surrenders
  • Add a wizard which allows cancelling a contract’s surrender

Loan Product

  • Fill automatically the lender address if there is only one available address for the lender


  • Add unique constraint on distribution network code
  • Make the user’s distribution network available in preferences client side
  • Initialize distribution network during contract subscription process if current user has one defined


  • Add an RPC API to attach a business object to a process and to process it until a blocking error is raised. For example if a contract is entered in a third party tool, this functionality allows to execute step and stop it if medical underwriting is required. A task is available to finalize the process.
  • Improve process configuration usability

Report Engine

  • New module Event log and report (report_engine_event_log): Generates an event log each time a report is generated
  • New RPC API to generate report
  • Add a batch to create report production requests on a lot of records in one go
  • Allow to define a custom format string for dates in report templates
  • In report_engine_flow add a message informing the user that the flow report was generated successfully
  • Allow to override the end of line separator when using the BaseMassFlowBatch
  • Add configuration on product document rules to disable the manual reception of document line requests (only request with an uploaded document in EDM is marked as received)

Rule engine

  • Add history on rules to consult different versions
  • Add the “Code” column in the rules list view so it can be filtered on

Technical Core

  • Add a search and stream feature to optimize reportings
  • Add a batch to facilitate the creation of data update treatments
  • Add get_prorated_amount_on_period function, which allows to compute a prorated based on period of time
  • In the module work_days allow to calculate the day after n open days in the application using the same algorithm as the one used for the batch

  • Add command to anonymize a database in coog command


  • Handle commercial product in quotation
  • Add commercial product entry point under product
  • Add billing API for broker: unpaid party list, billing details for a party
  • Add API to execute a rule rule available in the rule engine. The API take rule parameters and returns the rule result
  • Manage filling a start date and end date on addresses
  • Allow to create a document reception without the link to a party
  • Add option to be able to create a contract without activation
  • Add API to search lender
  • Add API to attach and detach an document from EDM
  • Support Fixed Rate, Interest Free Loan, Graduated, Intermediate, Balloon Loan
  • Allow to define how will be transform a quotation into a contract (one or multiple covered element)
  • Handle loan shares on covered element in quotation API and contract API
  • Add api to anonymize a party
  • Add api that returns all personal datas for a party
  • Allow to search on quotation field
  • Technical: Add the ability to filter on null fields
  • Documentation of available API
  • Add API to consult event log on a party, a contract and to generate an event in Coog


  • Handle quotation and contract subscription on life product
  • Display commercial product instead of product in quotation
  • Add payers view, add invoices and payments on party view
  • Add lender and lender address entry on a loan
  • Manage document request line from contract view (upload)
  • Add option to define how contract will be created after quotation: one covered element per contract, all covered element in one contract
  • Define loan share on covered element for loan quotation
  • Allow to enter all kinds of loan

  • Allow to search quotation according to the prospect name


  • New command to backup a anonymous database : ./postgres anon_dump
  • Better management of coog-admin configuration in order to handle major release upgrade