Coog 1.10 Release Note [EN]

(Ce document est disponible en Français)


  • Display contract status in color in form view according to its value
  • Display current process status on contract
  • Make the extra premium wizard directly available on the contract
  • Create future extra premiums right from the creation wizard
  • Differentiate payer from policy subscriber

Contract Group

  • Enrollment transfer wizard
  • Add relate on party to display enrollments


  • Add wholesale invoice business kind on invoice


  • Verify eligibility when scheduling an indemnification
  • Group claims by status into their respective tabs
  • Add option to automatically deliver benefits
  • Add claim on event log - view event log on claim
  • Deduction period: handle benefit deduction in claim benefit calculation
  • Requesting a document is now available as a process step
  • Manage hospitalization period during claim treatment
  • Schedule all indemnifications in one click
  • Improve claim invoices workflow and readability
  • Configure accounting products per benefit, handle taxes
  • Handle automatic indemnification periods creation for annuity benefits
  • Add select benefit service step on indemnification creation wizard
  • Handle overlapping periods and cancelled indemnifications
  • Add deductible date on claim service - Allow to use it in rule engine
  • Add rule to calculate required documents when scheduling an indemnification
  • Automatically initialize process data from current party / claim
  • Allow to choose process to launch from claim declaration wizard

Claim Group

  • Display the legal entity on a claim
  • Define legal entity interlocutor in claim declaration process
  • Manage claim behaviour following contract termination
  • Transfer claim services between contracts
  • Endorse benefit rules on group contract

Claim Group FR (New Module)

  • Manage salary input according rules (last month, last 12 months…)
  • Calculate salary range (TA, TB, TC)
  • Net salary computing using the gross salary and french salary range


  • Allow to modify invoicing date in change payment term invoice wizard
  • Add reconciliation date to invoices
  • Configure and manage taxes included per product / invoice


  • Allow to print distinct reports when exceeding a given number of rejected payments
  • Allow to amend a sepa mandate to change its bank account
  • A waiting account move can be created when a statement or a payment is cancelled


  • Search party from SSN information
  • Behaviour change : A party is either a company (by default) or a person but it can not be both anymore

Party Interlocutor (New Module)

  • Manage interlocutors (name, contact information) for a legal entity

Event Mail (New Module)

  • Configure and trigger email from event
  • Customize email body from event context
  • Isolation level: email dispatch blocking transaction or not


  • Improve usability of document reception wizard


  • Add basic benchmarking tool to analyze server performance
  • Extend event action API to be able to use event description and kwargs
  • Visualize the different rights of access of a user in independent list-views
  • Configure models to historicize via the application


  • Full review of Coog commandline (clean process management, more abstractions on common operations)


  • Allow to launch batch through the application
  • Simplify batch command and separate workers management from jobs generation (more scalable to join extra resources)


These tools are packaged in coog-admin

  • New command line to deploy a new Coog version (stop workers, upload new images, run new workers)
  • Update the way docker images communicate (based on container name vs old IP way)
  • Wrap native docker actions (logs, top, etc.) in docker admin
  • Using Uwsgi as trytond server and serve static resources via Nginx


  • New theme to improve user experience - available here


  • Release and publish new javascript client libraries to communicate with Coog - available on npm
  • Release coog-bench: a web app to test coog deployment environment - available here


  • Detect the field in which a module was declared
  • Allow to trigger per modified file analysis
  • Add debug logs